Getting ready for ISVCon 2012

In less than two months I will be at the ISVCon conference in Reno, Nevada. If you are an independent software developer (or just thinking about becoming one) and have not registered for ISVCon yet, it’s not too late: go to the ISVCon registration web page and use the coupon code AB2012 to get 10% discount. (No, I don’t get a commission, I’m just a happy participant of the past such conferences.) Note: Better not delay the registration and do it before the end of June, because in July the registration fee increases quite considerably.

During my career as an independent software developer I’ve been to quite a few such events in the past, and I’ve always found the presentations informative and useful. This year’s schedule is no exception and I’m looking forward to attending quite a few of the sessions, on many different topics, including marketing, mobile development, modern trends in the software business, and so on.

I’m also looking forward to the social events, and to the opportunity to meet other developers face to face. It’s one thing to read what other people write on their blogs or in the ASP forums, but it’s entirely different thing to actually talk to them! Besides, if the conference is within the driving distance, my wife and I are always take the opportunity to take a few days off and make the driving to and from the conference fun, too.

Here are a few random photos from the past software events I attended:

The ice sculpture that Tucows put up at their Software Industry Conference booth in 2000, in Florida:

Bob Ostrander brought his potato bazooka to the shareware schmooze in 1999 in Columbus, OH:

The women of software are beautiful (Software Industry Conference in Denver, 2005):

Software developers can be fun (Software Industry Conference in Denver, 2005):

Yours truly, “standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona”, on the way back from the Software Industry Conference in Denver, 2007:

Once again, if you have not registered for ISVCon yet, don’t miss your chance: go to the ISVCon registration web page and use the coupon code AB2012 to get 10% discount. See you there!

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